29 Aug 2022

3 ways to enjoy your weekend

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It’s hard not to enjoy a weekend in the Caribbean, however, it’s always nice to have a little plan. If you are in English Harbour, this one is for you.

Here are three lovely things that you can enjoy doing during the week or weekend!

Enjoy delicious food at Colibri. You can find this quaint cottage and cabana bar and restaurant nestled within a lush private garden in the heart of historic English Harbour. They serve French and Créole cuisine, French wine and craft cocktails. Highlighting Antigua’s abundance of local products, the menu changes daily depending on what’s available. They say that their farmers spoil them with fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs, rabbits, chicken, pork, beef and lamb, which in turn, spoils you!


Take a private charter and do a circumnavigation around the island, or visit the sister island Barbuda and dine on a secluded beach. Seeing the sister islands by boat is a mind-blowing experience as you get an entirely different perspective, you can visit beaches that you normally can’t by car, and you are able to do so with luxury. There are many private charter companies that offer lovely tours that include fun activities like snorkelling, wakeboarding, and fishing, or you can just sit back and relax in paradise!



Beach hop the many beautiful beaches of Antigua. You can start your adventure from English Harbour and make your way to the west coast. Or you can stick around English Harbour and take the more adventurous route by doing some of the hikes that lead to the beach. You can always find food somewhere nearby and you can find things to do on each beach that you visit or you can simply enjoy dipping into each sea or ocean as you hop to the next beach.

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