30 Aug 2021

Adventures in Antigua and Barbuda

Turtle, Galleon Beach - Antigua

Antigua & Barbuda has a saying, “Where The Beach Is Just The Beginning”. We are going to dive into some fun adventures, relaxing moments, and overall guide you to an amazing time when you arrive on this beautiful twin-state island because the beach really is just the beginning!

The Beach Houses couldn’t be located in a better spot! There are so many exciting things to do in English Harbour, nearby and with a short ride by car or boat, you can easily explore other sides of the islands that will allow you to see what Antigua & Barbuda is really about.

Now, since Antigua & Barbuda is known for its amazing beaches, we are going to start there.
Enjoy this little list of some well-known beaches:

English Harbour (South Side):

Pigeon Point – Beautiful views of Nelson Dockyard

Windward Bay Beach – Secluded beach with wild waves

Galleon Beach – Amazing hiking trails nearby, lots of pockets of history and a beach where you can swim with turtles!

Mermaid Gardens – This is a magical rock pool that you can get to from Galleon Beach

Rendevous – Secluded beach with wonderful hiking trails

Carlisle Bay – Some spectacular hiking trails that can lead you to some secluded beaches and outstanding views

North Side:

Jabberwok – Great for kitesurfing, windsurfing, and winging

Dutchman Bay – Quaint little beach situated in an area with lovely restaurants like Garden Grill and Cecilia’s

Fort James – A bit of history, lovely local restaurant Beach Limerz and breathtaking sunsets

Runaway Beach – A famous beach for horseback riding

Dickenson Bay – A floating bar, a bay full of restaurants and good vibes

Deep Bay – A bit of history and a hike to a fort with stunning views

Galley Bay – Wonderful cooling waters, even Gorgio Armani thinks so, as he owns property with a beachfront

West Side:

Jolly Beach – Perfect for water sports

Big & Little Ffryes – A great beach for a fun gathering with restaurants nearby

Valley Church – One of my favourites, this beach is very peaceful

Darkwood – There is a fun watersport jungle gym, a local restaurant, and again breathtaking sunsets

East Side:

Halfmoon Bay – A lovely spot where you can naturally exfoliate yourself with the moondust by the rocks and have smooth skin for weeks!

Long Bay – This beach is wonderful, great for wading and relaxing

Nonsuch Bay – Magical bay for a swim, snorkel or kayak through the mangroves


  • Local Fishing - Antigua

    Local Fishing – Antigua

Stay tuned for some more fun tips, what to do, where to go, and what to eat in Antigua & Barbuda! As we mentioned above, the beach is just the beginning, find out what else we have to offer!

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