08 Mar 2022

Keisha from Antigua gets to travel to space with her daughter!


We thought it only fitting to post this on National Women’s day! Here we have a beautiful and wonderful moment to highlight about a very inspiring Antiguan woman.  One day in early November 2021, Keisha Schahaff, a health coach, woke up like any ordinary day in Antigua. She started getting into her routine and everything seemed normal… She heard a knock on her door and she made her way to greet whoever was to be on the other side. Little did she know that that moment would change her and her daughter’s life! On the other side of that door was Richard Branson with the most radical news that Keisha could ever possibly imagine: she had just won two seats on Virgin Galactic. One seat would be for herself and the other for her 17-year-old daughter, a student studying science in England, who desires to work for NASA in the future!

“I simply began screaming once I noticed Richard Branson strolling inside! I could not imagine it.” Keisha continued on to say, “This can be a nice alternative for my daughter and me to really feel alive and have the best journey ever.”

She didn’t expect to win the prize. One day she was determined to just go for the prize after seeing an advert on a Virgin Atlantic flight. She never would have thought that she would have won after getting into the fundraiser lottery organized by Virgin Galactic on the Omaze platform, which raised 1.7 million!

“With the ability to give individuals of all ages and backgrounds equal entry to the area, and in flip, the chance to steer and encourage others again to Earth, Virgin Galactic has been constructing in the identical path for the previous twenty years,” Richard Branson mentioned.

Keisha and her daughter will be the first Caribbean astronauts and we couldn’t be happier for their new adventure!

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